Mobile Film Competition

Organised by the European Union in Jordan and in partnership with SAE-Amman, the Mobile Film Competition give filmmakers or anyone who carries a mobile an opportunity to produce their own film on mobile and try the filming experience through the phases of production (Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production).

Topics of the Mobile Film Competition

Choose one of the three topics below and start imagining how your film would be:

1. Environmental change due to pollution:

Pollution affects the entire world nowadays.

You can think about any form of pollution and how it’s changing the environment and people lives, and start filming.

2. The Age of Artificial Intelligence:

A new era is being formed with the Artificial Intelligence; and it’s affecting our lives, and jobs and even art! You can film any scenario that you see fit under this topic.

3. Women’s Rights

Choose any topic that is related to women’s rights whether at work, in marriage, in education, or any other topic that is affecting women’s lives, and start filming!

Important Notes

  • The deadline for submissions is November 17, 2022, before midnight.
  • Films must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo (more details below).
  • The participant must choose one of the three competition topics and produce one film within the topic he/she chose.
  • Type of films produced: documentary film or fiction film (more details below).
  • You can choose one topic among the three topics presented this year.
  • You can use more than one mobile to produce your film. Please mention that in the submission form.
  • Any film that violates the terms of the competition shown below will be disqualified.

In order to accept your production in the mobile film competition, it is necessary to follow the rules below otherwise your production will be eliminated, and the rules are as follows:

Competition Rules & Regulations

· Age: Participants must be at least 18 years old.

· Submission: only one film per filmmaker in all categories (Fiction or Documentary).

· All films must be uploaded in high-quality resolution on YouTube and must be filmed with mobile phones only, however, any other production equipment is allowed (lights, cranes, etc.).

· The video produced must be an individual creation, directed by the filmmaker him/herself.

· Any film that contains footage that was not directed by the contestant the whole production will be eliminated from the competition.

Length of Films:

Short Fiction Film - 1:00 minute to 02:00 minutes including credits.

Documentary Film - 2:00 minutes to 3:00 minutes including credits.

*Films that do not follow the guidelines will be eliminated from the competition.

Film Format and Specifications:

The film production can be edited using any Post-Production application (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve…etc.) and ensure the following specifications are applied otherwise your production will be eliminated from the mobile film competition:

Format: MP4 / H.264.

Resolution: 720, Full HD 1920 or 4K.

Screen Scale: Horizontal full screen, 1280x720 or 1920X1080 or more.

Titles, Credits, Graphics: Add a title to the video in the beginning, add credits (Cast, Camera, Director…etc.) to the end of the video, and add the logos of (European Film Festival, European Union, and SAE Amman).
Fill the application (link in form) and attach it to your submission email.

Film Submission:

Send your submission by email to:

The email should include:

○ Vimeo or YouTube link to your film and make sure its publicly accessible.

○ Application form (link in caption) and attach it to the email

○ Include your Facebook and Instagram handles.

Selection process:

The film jury will select the three winners of the mobile film competition that will later be screened in the closing ceremony of the EUFF 2022 and the prizes are as follows:


1st prize: “iPhone 14” + a FULL scholarship to a filming course provided by SAE.

2nd prize: a FULL scholarship to a filming course provided by SAE.

3rd prize: a FULL scholarship to a filming course provided by SAE.

* One prize per film will be offered regardless of the number of people credited.

* Last date for submitting the videos will be on 17 November 2022, before 11:59 PM.