Visioni Sarde - Visioni Sarde
07/Sep/2020 , Italy
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Original title:
Visioni Sarde
International title:
Visioni Sarde
Production year:
60 Mins
Short Films

Società Dante

Alighieri Amman and the Embassy of Italy present a vibrant collection of short
films by talented young directors. The selected 5 short films are among the
winners of “Visioni Sarde” 2019 and 2020, a
project promoting films made in Sardegna (Sardinia).

- “Dakota dynamite
by Valerio Burli

A little girl on holiday in Sardinia is kidnapped. She will hope
for his western comic strip heroine to come and save her.

- “Il nostro
concerto” (Our concert) by Francesco Piras

an eccentric pensioner lives alone in an apartment in the center of Cagliari,
spending his days in chat rooms where he sings classic Italian songs. Here he
meets Karen, a German pianist, a unique friendship is born, but Karen is hiding
a secret: a few months earlier, she killed her psychotic and violent husband.

- “Gabriel“ by
Enrico Pau

Whether human or supernatural, in the midst of the vastness of
nature only human fragility and the power of mystery remain. Gabriel is lost in
the cold, he is deep in the woods immersed in snow and beauty, his mind is
crowded with doubts.

- “Sonus
(Sounds) by Andrea Mura

A sound engineer-musician collects the primordial sounds of
nature and those of man, interacting with them in a dreamlike journey of
research in a Sardinia suspended in time.

- “Destino” by Bonifacio Angius

A day made of void, superstition, anguish and fear. A man without
qualities, looking for answers.